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Low Stress Jobs That Pay Over $70,000



A common experience among those who’ve been employed is the presence of stress in the workplace. Achieving a satisfying career without overwhelming stress can often seem like a distant dream in the quest for work-life balance. However, within the professional sphere lie certain roles that offer decent pay without the constant weight of stress.
For many, an ideal job is one where stress is minimized while maintaining a desirable salary. Days without overwhelming deadlines and evenings unburdened by work-related worries. Here’s some low-stress professions with annual pay exceeding $70,000.

Technical Writer

Technical writing is generally considered a low-stress occupation. It often involves creating documentation, manuals, or guides that convey complex technical information in a clear, understandable manner.
This role typically involves working regular hours in an office or remote setting, with less likelihood of high-pressure deadlines or demanding physical tasks.
Average Annual Salary: $78,000

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineering involves designing, developing, and improving farming equipment, machinery, and systems. Responsibilities Include crop production, irrigation, or environmental conservation.
This role is typically seen as a manageable stress level profession. Allowing for a good balance between technical challenges and a more predictable work environment.
Average Annual Salary: $79,000


Audiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders. While theres always stress involved when working in healthcare, it’s relatively low in this role. Other common responsibilities include managing appointments, conducting detailed assessments, and providing accurate diagnoses requiring precision and attention to detail.
Audiologists typically have regular schedules with a more structured environment. This in addition to collaborative work with patients and their families and the opportunity to improve lives through treatment and support results in the job being fulfilling.
Average Annual Salary: $100,000+

Ship Engineer

Generally, the role of a ship engineer involves maintaining and operating the mechanical and electrical systems aboard the ship. While the job can be demanding due to the need for technical expertise in handling complex machinery, it also offers a more structured and predictable work environment during regular operations.
Average Annual Salary: $74,000


Actuaries are responsible for assessing and managing financial risks for insurance companies, businesses, or government entities. This role is typically seen as low stress for those confident in tasks involving complex mathematical calculations and risk assessments, as well as critical financial predictions and ensuring accuracy.
This role is typically a balance between technical challenges and a more predictable work environment with occasional increases in workload and periods of pressure.
Average Annual Salary: $110,000

Elevator Installer / Repair Technician

These positions involve specialized technical work focused on installing, maintaining, and repairing elevators, escalators, and related systems. While some aspects of the job might be physically demanding or involve working in confined spaces, the stress level in these roles is often considered low to moderate.
Average Annual Salary: $79,000

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants typically provide administrative support remotely, offering flexibility in managing their schedules and tasks. Challenges that might lead to stress include tight deadlines, multiple clients, or demanding tasks. The degree of stress in this role often depends on the individual’s organizational skills, ability to handle tasks efficiently, and the expectations set by clients or employers.
Overall, it’s considered a career with relatively low stress. Virtual assistants often appreciate the autonomy and ability to work from home or remotely.
Average Annual Salary: $73,000


Being a barber can have its stressors, but it’s often considered a low stress career. Stress in this role can arise from managing a steady flow of customers, meeting client expectations, maintaining precision in cuts or styles, and handling busy schedules.
However, for many barbers, the creative aspect, interactions with clients, and the ability to set their own hours can balance out the stress, making it a fulfilling and enjoyable career.
Average Annual Salary: $88,000

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers typically design, develop, and test electrical systems and components. Factors that might contribute to stress include managing project deadlines, handling complex technical issues, and adapting to evolving technology or industry standards.
But many electrical engineers confident in their knowledge find fulfillment in problem-solving, innovation, and contributing to technological advancements.
Average Annual Salary: $80,000

Web Developer

Web development is considered relatively low stress. It often allows for a flexible work environment, especially for freelancers or those working remotely. Stress levels can vary based on project timelines, client demands, or the complexity of tasks.
However, many web developers appreciate the creative aspects of their work, the opportunity for continuous learning, and the ability to work independently.
Average Annual Salary: $77,000

Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) work with individuals who have communication and swallowing disorders. Some factors that may lead to stress in this profession include managing caseloads, meeting individual client needs, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals.
However, the job also offers flexibility in work settings, opportunities for specialization, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact on individuals’ lives.
Average Annual Salary: $84,000

Dietitians and Nutritionists

In general, dietitians and nutritionists work to provide guidance on healthy eating habits, meal planning, and nutrition-related health issues. Many dietitians and nutritionists find the role rewarding as they help individuals achieve healthier lifestyles and improve their well-being through proper nutrition. The satisfaction of positively impacting clients’ lives often outweighs the job’s stressors for many in this field.
Average Annual Salary: $72,000

Urban Planner

Urban planners are responsible for developing land use plans, designing urban spaces, and addressing community needs. Minor stressors can include managing diverse projects, meeting regulatory requirements, addressing community concerns, and working within budgetary constraints.
However, many urban planners find fulfillment in shaping cities, contributing to sustainable development, and improving communities’ quality of life.
Average Annual Salary: $79,000

Operations Engineer

Operations engineers are typically responsible for optimizing processes, ensuring efficiency, and often handling technical aspects of production or service delivery. Some responsibilities that might cause temporary stress include managing workflow, meeting production targets, troubleshooting technical issues, and adapting to changing operational needs. Overall, the satisfaction of making meaningful contributions often balances out the stressors associated with the role.
Average Annual Salary: $76,000

UX Designer

UX (User Experience) Designers are responsible for creating digital experiences that are user-friendly and intuitive. It’s often considered a creative and fulfilling profession for those interested in problem-solving, creating impactful designs, improving user interactions, and the likely chance to work remotely.
Average Annual Salary: $105,000

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